Hoop Group Next Gen Session 1

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Ryan Prior

C/O 2025

Ryan Prior was the prime performer of session 1. The first two games his team played Prior was on fire from the field. His catch and shoot ability is elite. Prior plays at his pace and doesn’t let defenses dictate his offense. In the Shoreshots final game of session 1 Prior portrayed his full arsenal. Shooting, rebounding, operating out of the triple threat and using a solid pump fake to go along with a smooth jab step. Prior plays with amazing passion. As long as he keeps this up it’s going to be tough to beat the 3-0 Shoreshots.


Richard Rosa

C/O 2025

Rosa had an exceptional weekend. While playing up on the Next Gen circuit Rosa showed amazing pose on both ends of the floor. Rosa is a very solid defender for his age and understands basic man to man defensive concepts. Rosa created offense for himself and others all weekend. He consistently made the right basketball play and scored at all 3 levels. The mid range step back is Rosa’s go to. Although Rosa has a good jump shot, defenders should stay at bay while guarding him due to his speed and craftiness.

G State Bounce

Letrell Duncan

C/O 2025

Lightning quick and athletic combo guard. Duncan lead his team to a 3-0 record in Session 1. Game by game Duncan sparked huge runs by his team by getting out in the open floor and leading the break in transition. Duncan lived in the paint all weekend, finishing with both hands and kicking the ball out to shooters once the defense collapsed. G State Bounce’s pressure defense is lead by Duncan applying pressure on the ball and making the opposing teams primary ball handlers to make quick decisions. This allows G State’s wings to play the passing lanes and get the ball out to the speedy Duncan for easy buckets.


Nesta Rice

C/O 2025

Nesta Rice requires immediate defensive attention 3 dribbles after crossing half court. Rice put on an amazing performance in Olympus second game of Session 1 against Pioneer Academy. Olympus was down the entire game before Rice took it over in the second half. Draining 3 pointer after 3 pointer to help his team seal the victory. By the third game teams caught on to the sharpshooting Rice and made him put the ball on the floor. That was no problem for Rice as he began to find slashing teammates and utilize his floater.

Triple Threat

Chidi Nwigwe

C/O 2026

Nwigwe proved to be a wing player with tremendous upside seeing how he is in one class below the competition he faced in session 1. Nwigwe displayed a ton of his game from the corner and wing. Knocking down contested threes, to slashing to the cup and finishing through contact. Nwigwe, will be an intricate piece to Triple Threats success as the circuit moves forward.

First Team for Next Gen Session 1

Ryan Prior (Shoreshots)

Richard Rosa (Pioneer)

Letrell Duncan (G State Bounce)

Nesta Rice (Olympus)

Chidi Nwigwe (Triple Threat)

Second Team for Next Gen Session 1

Tyler McQuaid (G State Bounce)

Shawn Spencer (Triple Threat)

Nasir Hudson (Pioneer)

Luke Shorr (Shorehots)

Myles Blackley (Unity Legends)

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