2021 Basketball Aspirations

My top 5 2021 New Year basketball aspirations:

1. Lakers repeat as champs!

- If LeBron repeats with two franchises and two coaches along with five chips overall...it's going to be very tough to put any player in front of him as the goat. He's already the goat in my opinion, but a repeat will alter the mind of Jordan lovers everywhere.

2. Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum get the Celtics to the Finals. My fav duo in the league. Weird? I know, because I'm a Lakers fan lol so what. I'm a basketball fan FIRST! Lakers/Celtics finals while they're both tied for 17 chips a piece would add to the legendary rivalry. Also once this duo gets to the finals, it's gonna be tough to beat them for years to come!

3. James Harden gets traded to the Miami Heat. I'm curious to see if Hardens game will change any in the Heat Culture. James/Jimmy backcourt would be nice in the East.

4. Duke, Kentucky and UCLA return to powerhouse teams. College basketball is simply better when these programs are in the running for a national chip. The same time would be amazing.

5. A JERSEY THING! Camden High vs. Sierra Canyon. Dajuan Wagner Jr. vs. LeBron James Jr. would love to see how they stack up against each other in a High School game. Wishing thinking though. May have to wait for them to square off on the AAU circuit.

Hope y'all enjoyed my top 5 2021 New Years basketball aspirations.

Happy New Year

- Lal

Top 5 basketball aspirations:

1.Brooklyn title! With Kevin’s injury, i always love to see a strong comeback especially now that Kyrie is coming into his own as well. If these two can rally their guys and win a title their first year together that’ll be an iconic moment in both of their careers.

2. Lakers vs Nets Championship

This will go down as one of the best series in years. LeBron will be on a mission to take down Kyrie and Kevin but I see this series going the distance. I pray that both teams are at full strength and healthy.

3. Warriors Reload with Harden ! This will be a gut check in the west and definitely shake things up in the postseason. It was a heartbreak when Klay suffered a season ending injury but harden and curry would be an exciting duo to watch!

4. Marcus Randolph to end his HS senior season with a title for Archbishop Wood High School of Pa. Committed to A-10’s Richmond Spiders, I see him heading into his freshman year with a great start to add along to Richmond’s program. Definitely a gem, His work ethic and coachable mindset is what sets him apart.

5. Jayson Tatum MVP Season .

I curious to see if he can make a campaign for the MVP race. He’s been a star for a few years now and i want to see him reach a new level this year with Boston. I agree with Bilal, It’ll be even better if Tatum can lead his squad to rekindle a classic Boston vs LA rivalry.

Appreciate you taking the time to read and Great New Year

- Liv Empire

My Top 5 2021 New Year basketball aspirations:

1. Being a Laker fan I wouldn't want nothing but to see us win again, but this time I'd love for them to actually be able to celebrate with a parade & fans. Hopefully I'm out there to witness.

2. I'd love for the PrimeTime Shootout to return to the Sun Center with top talent like back in the day. It was something that a lot of people looked forward to all day Saturday & part of their Sunday came February. No one had to worry about it being too packed or just sold out.

3. Tennessee vs Gonzaga in the National Championship if this is possible would be one to watch. I feel like they're just the best two teams in the country. If Tennessee isn't the team to beat Gonzaga then I don't think anyone will because they're that deep.

4. I wish Trenton basketball gets back to Trenton basketball like ASAP! Even without the best talent in the area if kids just give their time & dedicate it to the program when needed & put the work in it won't be enough but it'll be a start. & Mercer County ball as a whole to get better.

5. Russ to retire with a least one championship. Starting with finding a franchise that's really right for him & players that he can mesh perfectly with. His energy & effort is just unmatched on the floor so seeing him win would be one Id love to see.

- Quan

Top 5 Aspirations for 2021

1. LeBron MVP

This is more of a legacy thing. We have watched LeBron do just about anything you can do on the basketball court another MVP just adds to the greatness that we have witnessed over the course of his 18 year career. Most young fans didn't get to see MJ so being able to say you've witnessed the greatness of LeBron is a privilege.

2. Knicks make the playoffs

As a lifelong Knicks fan this is wishful thinking but I will say the Knicks are a well coached team with enough young assets to trade for an all star caliber player. Julius Randle and RJ Barrett appear to have improved over the off-season and to me the Knicks are playing some good basketball early in the season.

3. G-League Ignite is successful

The G-League Ignite team features some of the top HS Prospects Jalen Green and Jonathan Kuminga along with others who did not want to sit in a classroom but instead wanted to focus on basketball full-time. This is the 1st year players do not have to go overseas to make money and focus on basketball as am alternative to college. I've always been a fan of letting these young men decide their own path , if this is successful I can see more players taking this path in the future and possibly the G-League can have a whole division of these type of teams.

4. LaMelo wins ROTY

I have always been a fan of the ball Brothers and LaMelo has the potential to be a superstar in this league. Running the PG at 6'7 with his passing ability makes him box office. LaMelo winning rookie of the year gives Charlotte something to be excited for and potentially gives that organization the motivation to build a respectable team that can begin to make some noise in the Eastern Conference.

5. An underdog in the East makes the finals

The past 2 season an underdog from the Eastern Conference has made the finals. I believe this is good for the NBA on the fact that truly any team in the playoffs has a shot to reach the finals. The older generation of fans

- Rod

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