1st Love Basketball Prime Performers of Session 2!

Hoop Group Next Generation Middle School Circuit has been filled with nothing but excitement. Passionate game faces, energetic coaches corners and electrifying plays executed. Take a look at the Prime Performers from Session 2. Congratulations to all players selected.

8th Grade First Team

G State Bounce

Keith McKnight

Keith McKnight had himself a weekend on both ends of the floor. Being able to spot up and shoot the 3 ball helps the ultra quick guards on his team play one on one with more floor spacing. Keith has the ability to get to the rack and knock down the 12-15 footer with consistency. One of the best shooters in the class of 2025 that resides in New Jersey.

NJ Shoreshots National

Griffin Linstra

Griffin Linstra continued his dominance from session 1. Despite his team losing their first game in countless games, Griffin scored the ball very easily in both sessions and got whatever he wanted on the floor. Griffin is capable of stuffing the stat sheet without ruining the flow of the game. With his natural scoring ability and the absence of Coach Rice the Shoreshots National team are still one of the favorites to win it all, but that’s why we play the games!

Unity Legends Myles Blackley Myles Blackley - Myles was arguably the player of session 2. His composure, teamwork, IQ, ball handling and shot making ability took a leap from session 1 to session 2! Leading his team to a victory over NJ Shoreshots National was huge for Unity Legends. Myles hit the shot to seal the victory against the Shoreshots and gave the Shoreshots their first loss within their age group in over 40 games. Let’s see if Myles and Unity Legends can take this momentum into session 3. All eyes will be on this group.

NJ Bulldogs Aljahnai Best Aljahnai Best compliments Jake Sliwiniski and Alex Grospe well as a 3-head monster in the backcourt. Aljahnai's elite playmaking skill sets the tone for their offense. Aljahnai keeps players involved and communicates well when the team is winning or losing. Aljahnai can also shoot the 3 ball at an efficient clip. Pick and roll/pop is tough to defend when he’s the one facilitating it. Leading his team to a 3-0 session 2 the Bulldogs will have a lot to say about the outcome of Hoop Group Next Generation Middle School Circuit! NJ Scholars Naiim Parrish Naiim Parrish is a do it all playmaking combo guard. His aggressive approach to the game bodes well for what his team wants to do on the defense end. NJ Scholars keeps constant pressure on the ball and he is the captain of that ship. Naiim made the final three plays of game 2 against Unity Legends. Making two acrobatic layups and the game winning assist to set his teammate up for a go ahead 3 pointer.

8th Grade Second Team

NJ Bulldogs

Chazz Dubois

G State Bounce

Jacob Carmona

NJ Shoreshots Spartans

David Carr Jr.


Jacob Jones

Triple Threat

Mikey Di Spirito

7th Grade First Team

Success Jayden McKie Jayden McKie plays the game with a high motor. Always looking to push the ball downhill and create the best look for himself and teammates. When he’s not shooting the ball particularly well, then he is able to find other ways to be effective. Success Nolan Barnes Nolan Barnes defines the art of stealing the basketball. On Sunday in their two games he racked up 10+ steals, on the ball and in the passing lanes. As Nolan is playing defense he can see plays a few steps ahead which allows his team to get easy baskets. G-State Bounce JuJu Taylor JuJu Taylor active guard that controls the pace of the game depending on the personnel that is in the game with him. JuJu is playing with two monsters in the post that require tons of attention and he’s aware of that. As JuJu attacks the paint or leads the fast break he’s looking up to make the right play. JuJu finishes strong at the rim with both hands and uses the floater when it is needed. NJ Shoreshots Izayah Cooper Izayah Cooper does not need the ball to help his team succeed. Constantly moves without the ball which helps the flow of the offense. Izayah can also hit the open jumper along with taking the toughest defensive assignment on the opposing team. NJ Bulldogs Ayyub Wilson Ayyub Wilson plays fast! Really fast. His speed and quickness allows the Bulldogs to push the ball in transition as the defense is trying to set up. The Bulldogs have new pieces for this winter circuit, so they’re trying to get acclimated to playing with one another. Ayyub has the scoring ability to keep them afloat as they continue to gain chemistry.

6th Grade First Team

T-Town Ballerz

Ryan Melniczak

Ryan Melniczak is the name we should keep an eye on for the next true floor general in the NJ, PA, DE tri-state area. Ryan runs his team as an extended coach on the floor. Keeps teammates engaged and he's a good ball handler. Doesn’t make a ton of mistakes and he does make great reads with or without the ball.

King Street Kings

Malik Moore

Malik Moore is a versatile guard with long arms that can really stretch the floor. Crafty lefty that keeps the defense honest with his ability to score from all three levels on the floor. Definitely a player we will keep our eyes on as the circuit progresses.

King Street Kings

Anthony Mauro

Anthony Mauro can do a little bit of everything. That’s what he showed in session 2. Anthony knows how to use his strength to an advantage against smaller guards and his quickness to his advantage against bigger forwards. Playing the wing and guard position, Anthony is a matchup nightmare. Step back threes, to penetrate and kick, his game is pretty polished in the 6th grade.


Tyler Sutton

Tyler Sutton is a willing defender, good spot up shooter and the ball doesn’t stick to his hands. He's able to draw the defense in to find slashers. Very unselfish and a pest on the defensive end. The full court pressure defense that Success uses is something that will give teams trouble the entire circuit with the lengthy and feisty Tyler leading the charge.


Donavan Spross

The quality of production Donavan produces in a short period of time is pretty remarkable. Literally whatever you ask of him he can get it done. Heart over height should be his motto. Boxing out big men, setting off ball screens for teammates, diving on the floor for loose balls, spotting up for 3, orchestrating the offense, etc. You name it, he will deliver. A lot of basketball is effort and he plays with tons of it! Don’t get me wrong the skills are there too.

6th Grade Second Team

Dragon Army

Caden Post


Ian Smith


Semaj Stone

T-Town Ballerz

Nick Harken

Dragon Army

Rocco Loomis

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